Laughing Buddha Oil Burner


Laughing Buddha oil burner. 130 mm high.  An unusual design with a fair sized bowl on the top. Tea light not included.


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Laughing Buddha oil burner.

The bowl is relatively small but quite deep.  Ensure that the burner has cooled before putting any cold water in the top if it dries out (as you should with any oil burner).  For the best results use essential oils rather than fragrance oils.  Essential oils can have therapeutic effects. Information on essential oils can be found under aromatherapy oils.

The Laughing Buddha is a semi-historical figure.  He was a Chinese monk and became venerated as Maitreya Buddha in Cha Buddhism.  He is generally shown as a fat old man carrying a cloth sack.  His jolly persona earned him the name the Laughing Buddha.

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Weight 390 g
Dimensions 130 × 130 × 140 mm