‘Every Crystal has a meaning’

Welcome to my shop specialising in Crystals (because I just love crystals) and all sort of other items to support your spiritual work and lifestyle.  I aim to have a really wide selection of crystals and minerals, including some rarities, primarily with healers in mind but lots for rockhounds too.  If you don’t see what you are looking for give me a call on 07772 333 281 or email and I will do my best to source your items for you. I also have a lot of information about all things metaphysical, magical and spiritual and, of course, about crystals , their meanings and uses on this site as well so please enjoy browsing. 

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JANUARY SALE – 10% discount across the whole site on purchases of £40 or more.  Sale ends 31st January 2024

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Welcome to the CrystalMaster metaphysical store where you will find everything you need to support your healing, spiritual and magical practices.  We have a huge range of crystals and lots more products all personally selected to provide the best quality possible and to cater for all your needs.


I offer a range of therapies, details of which can be found on our sister site. Interested in learning more about therapies, crystals or other topics from this site? I have a range of courses available including Elemental Spiral, Crystals and many more.full details of are also on the Crystal Holistic Therapies site.