Choosing your crystals

There are essentially two main ways to choose your crystals.  Firstly you can look up the suggested uses of crystals to fit the purpose you have or the condition/illness you need help with and choose accordingly.  Secondly you can use your intuition, either consciously or unconsciously, to pick the one(s) you need.  Conscious choice means focussing your mind on finding or being guided to the crystal(s) you need whilst unconscious choice is simply picking whichever crystal(s) you are visually or otherwise drawn towards.  You may find that sometimes you are drawn to a crystal but it does not seem to ‘work’ for you.  Do not worry about this sometimes a crystal likes to be with you for a while before you get to use it.  Admire it in the meantime and you will eventually know why you need to have that particular crystal.


Care of your crystals

Familiarising yourself with the Mohs scale of harness is useful to make sure you can protect your crystals from inadvertent damage.  Whilst most will still be useful tools if they are slightly damaged it can mean that some cannot be used in healing again.  People are all different some are happy to work with damaged stones and others are not.  The hardness of the crystal and whether or not they have lines of cleavage that can mean they will easily break along those lines will be the main determinants as to how much care you need to take of them.  Fluorite, mica and apophyllite for instance, have cleavage lines that will easily fracture.  Some crystals are soft, such as selenite, and are easily scratched or damaged.  Mohs harness scale indicates the levels of hardness and one simple test is that crystals are able to scratch those which are softer but are scratched themselves by those that are harder.  So as an example fluorite would scratch calcite, gypsum and talc but would be scratched itself by apatite, orthoclase, quartz, topaz, corundum and diamond.  This test can be helpful too if you have crystals that can be confused such as some colours and formations of fluorite with amethyst

Mohs Hardness Scale

























It is important that you determine which crystal(s) you have as there are certain issues that need to be considered which cleansing method you use.  For instance, selenite is water soluble so water cleansing is an inappropriate method of cleansing (in fact selenite does not itself need cleansing but the nature of the crystal does bear consideration).  The same would apply to halites and a number of other crystals.  Other crystals will fade in strong sunlight e.g. rose quartz although this does take time frequent sunbathing does not suit all crystals.


There are also some crystals which do not need to be cleansed including amethyst, selenite and kyanite.  Many commentators include clear quartz in this list but I feel that whether or not you need to cleanse your clear quartz will depend largely on the use to which to put the crystal.  If you are using it in healing you may feel that you want to cleanse it of the energies involved in that session.  When you work with crystals you do become able to feel when your crystals need to be cleansed and/or charged.  This also applies to being able to sense when your cleansing method has been successful and the crystals are properly cleansed.  Experience will help in this.

In order to cleanse your crystals there are numerous methods that you can employ.  These are some of the most common and most practical ways in which you can cleanse your crystals.  The method you choose will be influenced by many factors including the number of crystals you need to cleanse, what you have available to you and the frequency with which you need to cleanse them. Whichever method you use remember it is important that you hold the intent that the crystals are to be cleansed. 

  1. Water
  2. You can take your crystals to a place where there is natural running water i.e. a stream or waterfall, the sea or in the rain.  There are also places such as at Glastonbury where there is water in which you can cleanse your crystals. 
  3. Place your crystals in a glass dish making sure that they do not touch each other and cover with spring water sprinkle sea salt into the water and leave on the windowsill overnight but not during a full moon as the salt will not oxidise. BE CAREFUL not to use this method with ‘soft’ crystals that can be damaged by salt.
  4. Earth

You can bury your crystals in the earth and allow Gaia to cleanse them.  Again you do need to be sensible in doing this not least making sure you remember where you put your crystals!  This is probably not the most practical method but can be employed when you want to cleanse your crystals by all the elements.

3.  Air

This category of cleansing involves the use of smoke to cleanse.  Either smudging incense or regular incense can be used and the crystals are passed through the smoke.

4.  Fire

Crystals can be very quickly passed through a candle flame to cleanse them.  Once again take care doing this in general and also which crystals you cleanse in this way.  Fragile crystals are not suited to fire cleansing in this way.  The sun can also be used for fire cleansing by leaving crystals out in full sun.  Be aware of which crystals are faded in the sun such as rose quartz and chrysocolla and either use a different method or restrict the time left in the sun.

5.  Crystal bed

One of the easiest ways to cleanse your crystals is to sit them on top of certain other crystals that themselves do not need to be cleansed.  Most commonly a bed of amethyst or wand of selenite is used.  If you do not have too many crystals or large ones you can keep them on a piece of amethyst bed.

  1. Sound

You can use singing bowls, tuning forks or ting sha to create pure sound that will cleanse your crystals.  You can place crystals in the singing bowl and sound the bowl to cleanse the crystal.  This is quite a slow method if you have lot to cleanse as you crystals must not touch either other in the bowl and you may only be able to one at a time.  Clearly if you have large crystals the bowl is not the most practical so tuning forks or ting sha sounded over the crystals would work better.

  1. Energy

If you are trained in any of the various energy healing modalities you will be able to utilise techniques taught within them to cleanse your crystals.  You can also use visualisations of white/gold/opalescent light over the crystals to cleanse them.

  1. Ready prepared spritzers/sprays

This method is useful for friable crystals or others that are not suited to other forms of cleansing.  There are various crystal cleansing sprays on the market.


Crystals can be charged by leaving them out in either sunlight or moonlight – bear in mind the exemptions mentioned above.