10.10.10. meditation

First let us consider the numerology that is represented by the date of 10th October 2010.  Many are viewing this date as 10.10.10 but this is not correct.  In numerology ALL the numbers of the year are added together and thus 2010 becomes 2 + 0 + 1 + 0 = 3.  Correctly this year is 10.10.3.  10.10.10 occurred in 2008 (2 + 0 + 0 + 8 = 10).  It was at that point this wave of the 10.10.10 energy first became anchored into the world.  As the power of this energy has increased 10th October this year represents the next level of energy increase within that frequency.

10 is viewed as itself and also reduces down to 1.  One is the number of self and of rebirth whilst 10 represents the whole cosmos and creation also law and order.  So you can see that with these numbers there is the opportunity completely refresh and renew, creating a new order, new framework for society.

3 is a number that contains the energy driving optimism and creativity working with ideals and ideas.  So combined with the 10s this date provides a pivotal moment to focus thinking ‘outside the box’ to finally be able to begin to see the very new ways that we need to be pursuing to create new ways of being.

The total number for the date is 5 (1 + 0  + 1 + 0 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 0 = 5).  This is the ‘jack of all trades’ number being the most versatile and offering all possibilities.  It is also about meeting with others in a social and dynamic way.

Bringing all of this together the energies of the day are a big wake up to now get together, combine forces, begin the very new and finally bring the vision of the new way of being into effect.

It is now time for the way showers to come into their own as others begin to catch up.


Sit comfortably and allow your breathing to slow, taking deep slow breaths.  Feel as your body settles and allow your feet to relax connecting to the Earth and grounding you.  Bring the relaxation up through the ankles, shins and calves to the knees allowing any blockages in the knees to gently release.  Allow the relaxation to move up through the thighs to the hips feeling the whole of the legs becoming relaxed and heavy.  Draw the relaxation up through the body feeling as each vertebra in the back gently relaxes.  Allow the hands and arms to relax and as the relaxation comes up to the shoulders allow any tension and weight on the shoulders to lift away leaving the shoulders completely relaxed.   Draw the relaxation up through the neck and head feeling each of the tiny muscles in the face and jaw gently relaxing.   As the whole of the body becomes completely relaxed allow your mind to remain clear and focussed.

Allow your attention to move through your own energy sensing where you have given away any parts of your energy and pull these back into your own energy field.  Now sense any energy that you hold from others and gently allow that energy to release and return to that person sending your love and thanks to them.  Focus again on your own energy field and feel as it comes into alignment and become aware that your energy is now complete.

Holding the feeling of completeness you become aware of a large crystal in the centre of the room.  As you focus on the crystal it draws up the energy from the crystal grid in the earth and begins to glow.  The glow increases and expands and reaches out towards you touching your heart chakra and as it does your heart opens and is filled with clear, bright, sparkling energy.  Any blockages, hurts, resentments are cleared away and your heart is filled with strong, sparkling energy.  You feel the change within you as this energy spreads throughout your whole body preparing you for your next step forward knowing that all those things that have seemed to be in your way are now disappearing.  This is the opportunity to release old karma and fears a time for new beginnings and a realisation of your ability to manifest not only for yourself but for the world.   Take a little time now to connect with that feeling and allow any insights that are coming to you to crystallise.


Allow yourself to feel your connection with the crystalline grid in the earth as you feel yourself  surrounded in a crystalline bubble that lifts you upwards through the atmosphere until it joins in the Lightworker grid above and surrounding the whole Earth.  As you connect with the grid you connect with all the other Lightworkers linking the energy and feeling as it increases.  Within this grid there is access to the knowledge of all the others involved and the common purpose of raising the individual’s energy and that of the Earth.  Become aware of the huge numbers of people all working towards creating a better world and join your energies with them.  As you feel this connection, allow the energy to flow down to the Earth and everything and everyone on the Earth.  Look down on the Earth below you and see the energy spreading everywhere.

Take the time now to make any intentions that you have personally and to send any specific healing or other energies to individuals or parts of the world that you feel particularly drawn towards.  Note any insights that come to you here.


Now is the time for us to come together and focus on the tasks necessary leading up to 2012 and beyond allow the ideas to come to you as to your part in this work and how to take the next steps forward.


It is now time to leave the Lightworker grid and you feel your connection to the grid being released as you take your leave of the others within the grid, knowing that you can return here any time you wish.  You become aware of the crystalline bubble surrounding you as you gently float back down towards the Earth.  You remember everything you saw, heard and sensed within the grid and bring that back with you.  Soon you feel yourself back on the Earth in the place from which you left.  Feel as your feet connect with the Earth again and once more drawing up the Earth energy allow yourself to fully ground and centre and slowly return relaxed, refreshed and invigorated and knowing what steps you personally need to take next as we move towards 2012 and continuing the Ascension process.