This is a quick checklist of the basic magical uses of herbs.
If you are unable to obtain any of these you can either use essential oils
or if neither are available use an alternative.


Acacia Gum                                       Protection, Psychic powers.


Agrimony                                            Protection, Sleep.


Alum Crystals                                  Protection. Add to incense in place of resins to aid burning.


Angelic Herb                                     Protection, Exorcism


Angelica Root                                  Exorcism, Protection, Healing, Visions.


Archangel Root                              Protection from evil, uncrossing, breaking a jinx, spiritual peace.


Asafoetida                                          Exorcism, Purification, Protection.


Ash Leaves                                         Protection, Prosperity, Sea Rituals,  Healing.


Avens Herb                                        Exorcism, Purification, Love.





Balm of Gilead Buds                    Love, Manifestations, Protection,  Healing.


Bay Leaf                                               Protection, Psychic powers, Healing, Purification, Strength


Bayberry Rootbark              Powerful hexing herb, Money (particularly for obtaining money owed to you)





Cassia                                                  Healing, Clairvoyance.


Catnip                                                  Cat Magic, Love, Beauty, Happiness.


Catsclaw                                            Protection,  Health.


Cedarwood Chips                        Healing, Purification, Money, Protection.


Centaury                                            It is used extensively in dyspepsia, for sluggish digestion with heartburn after food.


Chickweed                                       Fidelity, Love.


Colophony Resin                   Purification.


Coltsfoot Leaves                          Love, Visions.


Comfrey                                              Safety during travel, Money.


Copal Resin                                     Love, Purification.


Cornsilk                                              Fertility rites, Animal friendship, Harvest.


Cramp Bark                            It has been employed with benefit in all nervous complaints and debility and used with success in cramps

(Guelder Rose)                             and spasms of all kinds




Damiana                                             Lust, Love, Visions.


Dammar Resin                       Lifts the spirits and is said to bring light to the soul.  Useful to combat sadness and depression.


Dandelion Root                            Divination, Wishes, Calling Spirits.


Devils Claw                                      Exorcism, Love, Protection and Lust.


Devils Shoestring                     Protection, luck, to attract a raise or new job and for powers of invisibility.


Dittany of Crete                           Manifestations, and Astral Projection


Dragons Blood Resin             Love, Protection, Exorcism, Potency.





Echinacea Herb                            Strengthening spells.


Elder                                                      Exorcism, Protection, Healing, Prosperity, Sleep.


Elecampane                                     Love, Protection, Psychic Powers.


Elemi Gum                                       Purification.


Eucalyptus                                        Healing, Protection.


Eyebright                                           Mental powers, Psychic powers.





Five Finger Grass

(Cinquefoil)                                     Money, Protection, Prophetic dreams, Sleep.


Frankincense Resin                  Protection, Exorcism, Spirituality.


Fumitory                                              Money, Exorcism.


Galangal                                              Protection, Health, Lust, Money, Psychic powers, Hex-breaking.

Ginger Root                                       Love, Money, Success, Power.


Gingko Leaves                                Healing.


Ginseng (Siberian)                      Love, Wishes, Healing, Protection, Beauty, Lust.


Goats Rue                                          Healing and Health


Golden Rod                                        Money, Divination.


Grains Of Paradise                      Lust, Luck, Love, Money, Wishes.


Ground Ivy                                          Divination.


Guiacum Wood                        Uncovering the unknown, Healing.


Gum Arabic                                       Purification, Spirituality.





Hawthorn                                          Fertility, Chastity, Fishing magic,Happiness.


Hazel Leaves                                  Luck, Fertility, Anti-lightning, Protection, Wishes.


Heartsease                                      Healing of the heart (in love).


Heather                                              Protection, Rain-making, Luck.


Hibiscus petals                            Lust, Love, Divination.


Hips (Rose)                                     Love, Healing.


Holy Thistle                                    Purification, Hex-breaking.


Honesty                                              Money.


Hops                                                      Healing, Sleep.


Horehound                                      Protection, Mental powers, Exorcism, Healing.


Horsetail                                           Snake charming, Fertility.


Hyssop                                    Purification, Healing.


Irish Moss                                       Money, Luck, Protection.





Jalop Root

(High John the

Conqueror)                       Money,Love,Happiness, Hex-Breaking and  Protection


Jamaican Dogwood          Can be used to keep the subject of meetings private and to keep minds open.


Jasmine Flowers                      Love, Money, Prophetic dreams.


Jezebel Root                     Success, Money and fortune





Ladies Mantle                     Love.


Lavender                                       Love, Protection, Sleep, Chastity, Longevity, Happiness, Peace, Purification.


Lemon Balm

(Melissa)                             Success, Healing.


Life Everlasting

Flowers                                        Longevity, Health, Healing.


Linden Flowers                       Protection, Sleep, Immortality, Luck, Love.


Liquorice Root                  Lust, Love, Fidelity.


Locust Beans (Carob)      Protection, Health.


Lotus Root                                 Protection, Lock opening.


Lovage Leaf                      Love


Low John the

Conqueror Root

(aka galangal)                      Luck, Money, Protection, Exorcism,  Psychic Development.



Madder Root                    Purification.

Maidenhead Leaves          Beauty, Love.

Mandrake Root                Protection, Fertility, Money, Love, Health.


Marigold Petals                    Protection, Prophetic dreams, Legal matters,  Psychic powers.


Marshmallow Flowers   Sleep, Healing.


Meadowsweet                       Love, Divination, Peace, Happiness.


Milk Thistle Seeds             Healing, cleansing


Mimosa                                       Protection, Love, Prophetic dreams,Purification.


Mistletoe                          Protection, Hunting, Love, Fertility, Health,     Exorcism.


Motherwort                     Protection (can be TOO effective!)


Mugwort                                  Strength, Psychic powers, Protection, Prophetic dreams, Healing, Astralprojection.


Mullein Leaves                   Courage, Protection, Health, Love,Divination, Exorcism.


Myrrh Resin                          Protection, Exorcism, Healing, Spirituality.




Nettle                                         Exorcism, Protection, Healing, Lust.




Oak Leaves                          Protection, Health, Money, Healing,Potency, Fertility, Luck.


Olive Leaves                       Healing, Peace, Fertility, Potency,Protection, Lust.


Opoponax Resin                Protection, Acquiring knowledge.


Orange                                      Love, Divination, Luck, Money.


Orris Root                              Love, Protection, Divination.




Palo Santo                     Purification, Exorcism.


Passion Flower Herb    Peace, Sleep, Friendships.


Patchouli    Leaf          Money, Fertility, Lust.



(oil is poisonous)          Strength, Protection, Peace.


Peony                                     Protection, Exorcism.

Periwinkle Herb            Love, Lust, Mental powers, Money,Protection.


Pine Leaf Buds                Healing (particularly for the bereaved).


Plantain                        Healing, Strength, Protection,Snake-repelling.

Poke Root                     Courage, Hex-breaking.


Poppy Seed (Blue)       Fertility, Love, Sleep, Money, Luck, Invisibility.





Quassia                                  Love.


Queen Elizabeth Root Love




Raspberry Leaves         Protection, Love.


Red Clover Flowers      Protection, Money, Love, Fidelity, Exorcism, Success.


Red Sandalwood ChipsSpirituality, Protection, Wishes, Healing, Exorcism.


Rhubarb Root                    Protection, Fidelity.


Rock Sulphur CrystalsUse as a magical fumigant to protect   animals and dwellings. Sulphur is also placed on the altar during protective

                                 rituals or in the home as a general ‘ward’.


Rose                                            Love, Psychic powers, Healing, Love divination, Luck, Protection.


Rowan                                       Psychic powers, Healing, Power, Success,    Protection.


Rue Herb                                Healing, Health, Mental powers, Exorcism, Love.




Saffron                          Love, Healing, Happiness, Wind Raising, Lust, Strength, Psychic powers.


Sea Salt (Pure)               Used for cleansing crystals, Purification, consecration, grounding, protection magick and rituals.



Saltpetre                               Our Saltpetre is potassium nitrate. Used as a burning agent for incense, herbs etc. To add potency to all incense

                                 just add a pinch to them, also use on candles (remember just a tiny pinch). It will add extra power to all spells and rituals.


Sandarac                        Very aromatic resin.  Often used as a fixative in woody or oriental perfumes.


Sarsparilla Root            Love, Money.


Sheep’s Sorrel                Healing, Purification.


Skullcap                                Love, Fidelity, Peace.


Sloe Berries                      Exorcism, Protection.


Soapwort Root            Used as a medicine mainly for liver problems and for lung congestion.  A soap can be obtained by boiling the root in water.


Solomon Seal Root      Protection, Exorcism


Southernwood                Love, Lust, Protection.


Speedwell                           Healing.


Spikenard Root        Love


St John’s Wort                Healing, Protection, Exorcism.


Sunflower Petals     Happiness




Tansy                                   Health, Longevity.


Tonquin Beans

(Tonka Beans)        Love,  Money,good luck, courage and Health


Tormentil                          Protection, Love.


Tragacanth Gum         Binding, Transformation in the subconscious.




Uvae Ursi                  Psychic workings.




Valerian Root              Love, Sleep, Purification, Protection.


Vervain                             Love, Protection, Purification, Peace, Money, Youth, Chastity, Sleep, Healing.


Vine Leaves                  Fertility, Garden magic, Mental powers, Money.


Violet Herb                    Protection, Luck, Love, Lust, Wishes, Peace, Healing.




Walnut Leaves            Health, Mental powers, Infertility, Wishes.


White Willow               Love, Love divination, Protection, Healing.


Wintergreen                 Protection, Healing, Hex-breaking.


Witch Grass                 Happiness, Lust, Love,Exorcism.


Witch Hazel Leaf     Protection, Chastity.


Wood Betony          Banishing and removing negative energy.


Woodruff                       Victory, Protection, Money.


Wormwood             Psychic powers, Protection, Love, Exorcism.




Yarrow                         Courage, Love, Psychic powers,  Exorcism.


Yerba Santa       Beauty,Healing,Psychic powersand Protection


Zedoary Root      Courage, Purification, Healing.