Bridges of Light Gathering

WELCOME you are invited to join the Bridges of Light community bringing together like minded people into a joyful, loving and caring family.


There are many people now who are following a spiritual path and in many different ways. Communities are being formed but in many cases, particularly those who take the role of teacher, find that they are isolated from others in a similar position. We can all feel too busy to take anything else on but it is becoming more and more important that we come together as like minds, whatever our personal path and create a joyful and loving group. Those who are attending Holistic Fairs and similar are on their own and probably have little time to even speak to others who are at that event. You are also alone, your families are not involved and this too can and should change. So often there is little fun or joy involved it is simply ‘work’.

Our world has many things going on at the moment that we would like to see change. One way to do this is to come together with others to create a bigger voice and just see what we can achieve!

BRIDGES OF LIGHT GATHERING is a group that will communicate over the web but will also meet together together for family gatherings to share our knowledge, try new things, have discussions and have FUN. This is a ‘non-denominational group’ only seeking that everyone involved respects each other and their individual beliefs and show the way for others to move their lives forward in a productive and satisfying way.

The first major gathering is scheduled to take place early next year but one day groups will be put in place prior to that.

Please feel free to use the Facebook page for The Bridges of Light Gathering to ask questions and put forward suggestions. Pass this on to everyone you know that would be interested and see how quickly we can make the group grow.

Donations to help support this group are much appreciated. Those who are close enough to attend our Gatherings making a £5 donation per year will entitle you to free entry to one Gathering per year.

If you are willing to help with organisation or any other aspect of this group please contact me.

Further information will be added as it appears.

I look forward to meeting you


REMEMBER a friend is simply a stranger that you have not yet met.

bridges of light 1

Light reaching out across the bridges linking everyone in a continuous flow of light

pushing back and eradicating the darkness



I am pulling together ideas for the future Gatherings and would welcome any suggestions as to activities etc. that you would like to have on offer. This meeting will be a one day event either on Saturday or more likely Sunday. Please feel free to e-mail or call me with suggestions. Please also let me know if you are prepared to offer your services in any capacity either in getting everything ready for the event or on the day.

The on-line group is also looking for a lot more members and for your contributions. Even if we are not close geographically we can create the on-line community and within that arrange to have physical meetings regularly. Remember this is to help to get to know each other and HAVE FUN. If you are running your own groups this applies to you too as those of us in that position are probably the worst at actually coming together in a social capacity rather than being ‘on duty’.

I look forward to hearing from you and really getting this moving this year. It is time for a BIG change and we can be there at the front line pushing the changes forward.



The first Gathering was held on 10th October 2010 at Kinson Community Centre, Pelhams, Kinson, Dorset.  This was an opportunity for Lightworkers of all persuasions and disciplines to come together, meet new people, share their visions and have a fun day also including the rest of the family .  The events of the day are set out here to give an idea of what we achieved and what can be taken forward to future Gatherings.


10.00 am Doors open

Just before the meditation starts doors will be closed.

10.30 am Welcome and brief outline of the aims of Bridges of Light Gathering

10.10.10 Meditation

11.15 am Morning discussion group – Topic Ego/Apathy and Communication

12.15 am Book signing IAN LAWTON

1 – 2 pm lunch Please bring a ‘plate’ for shared meal Hot water will be available for drinks

2.30 pm Afternoon discussion group – Topic 2012/Energy protection/Preparation

4.00 pm Half hour of drumming/music PLEASE BRING your drums, rattles, singing bowls or other instruments to raise some big energy to end the day.

Throughout the day please take the opportunity to meet new people and share experiences, knowledge and ideas either within your own field or others you are less familiar with.

KNITTING and CROCHET corner. If you can knit or crochet already please help anyone who wishes to learn. If you would like to learn – here’s your chance. Wool, needles and hooks will be available to make squares. The squares will be sewn together and donated to local homeless/refuges etc.

The blanket making is an ongoing project. Please feel free to send in or deliver squares to be added to the blankets and/or donate oddments of wool or unused needles and crochet hooks. Pale wools will be made into baby blankets.

There will be crystals and other items available to purchase too.


Please make any suggestions you have towards developing and expanding the Bridges of Light Gathering, anything you would to do etc. or other groups that you feel would be interested in connecting with us.