es symbol largeElemental Spiral energy is channelled energy through a large group of Masters with the ‘mouthpiece’ primarily Kuthumi and Melkizadek. The energy is a higher frequency and a combined energy bringing together earth and astral energy into a combined very stable and balanced energy. They are the Lemurian energies. The energies that have been available until the last few years were the astral energies that had been bringing the spiritual energies in the world until it reached a level that was ready for the Lemurian energies to return.

Once you have completed level 4 there are additional extra classes in advanced animal communication and healing and space clearing and entity removal.

Please feel free to ask further questions about the way this system has come into being – it would take up a lot of space here!

For those who have already trained in Reiki or other energy modality I offer combined classes –

If you are already Reiki 2 or equivalent

Level 1 and 2 combined – 3 day course

If you are already Reiki 3 or equivalent